Best Receive SMS Services for Creating Accounts in Snapchat

Best Receive SMS Services for Creating Accounts in Snapchat

Most platforms require verification during registration. The easiest ones are CAPTCHA solving and e-mail entering. However, the platforms that want to be sure that a real person is using their services go further than that. Some of them ask for your real name, the other ones also want your Zip-code and almost all of them need your phone number.

Obviously, it is a good thing that a platform wants to know that you are a real person and secure itself and the other users. Though, how can you know that your personal data will not be used in a way you would not like it to be used in case the platform is hacked, etc?

Virtual verification SMS services became very handy in this situation. They help users to stay disguised online. This article is going to discuss best receive SMS services for Snapchat account creation.


This service offers to get virtual verification messages with the help of a virtual SIM. It cooperates with more than 30 countries and their mobile operators. This service counts more than 10 000 different virtual phone numbers. OnlineSim offers both short-term and long-term phone number options and different tariffs. It also offers free trials. Get a free virtual number and receive free SMS now with OnlineSim if you want to check out how it works.

The company works with more than 228 countries in the world. The user can choose any number for verification. The shortcoming of this service is that it happens that the numbers do not work and it is necessary to repeat all the operations from the very beginning or contact customer support.


The service in consideration has 8 numbers at its disposal. They are from Puerto Rico, the USA, Malaysia, Sweden, France, and Indonesia. Two more numbers are stated to be from the UK. The company offers to subscribe via e-mail to be aware of any new numbers appear.

This company offers 3 directories from Estonia. The service works fast and the messages come in about 10 seconds. It also offers a voice message option. However, the Send SMS option is paid here. Also, the number of available numbers maybe not enough for active users.


This accommodation will provide you with a free trial number. The issue is that you have to give it your real number. Keeping in mind what you are using this service for maybe kind of disappointing. You will be able to comfortably receive verification texts with Twilio, but will not have an opportunity to send messages.

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