Best PrestaShop Modules to Help Your Ecommerce Store Mark More Sales

Best PrestaShop Modules to Help Your Ecommerce Store Mark More Sales

PrestaShop is an ideal choice for SaaS-based ecommerce needs. It has an extensive extension marketplace to make your shop sales friendly. Here are some good picks that can help you to boost your sales explicitly.

When anyone goes to select an ecommerce platform with budget constraints, fewer experience and poor tech-savviness then SaaS-based platforms are an ideal choice for getting started in online business. Among the various choices, PrestaShop is an excellent one thanks to its flexibility, versatility, and budget-friendly offerings. Third-party premium add-ons/extensions or modules are meant to introduce features and functionality to create a custom ecommerce solution that can address personalized needs swiftly and smoothly. In this
Let me help you pick the top four types of modules in wisely manners to make more sales on your PrestaShop ecommerce store.

1 – Private Sale Modules:
Have you noticed the behavior of modern shoppers? Shoppers love personal approaches while doing shopping. They used to expect some additional favors from the sellers. They consider general discounts or incentives are for all. Thus, they pay less attention to it.

They look for special privileges privately & exclusively for a secret group. Hence, being a part of it becomes a matter of pride for them. Such personalization is only possible with private sales features.

Thus, private sales modules by some prestigious developers like FME, COEOS, Module hub, Presto-Changeo, and Etiendas are highly popular among the PrestaShop ecommerce community.

PrestaShop merchants can select the right product as per the needs and budget.

2 – Flash Sale Modules
Missing something is a natural trigger in humans to run them for a quick buy. Therefore, when an ecommerce declares heavy discounts on one or more products for a short period and give a deadline, people immediately pay attention to it and try to grab the opportunity before it expires.

Various Flash Sales modules available in PrestaShop extension marketplace. Those modules help PrestaShop merchants to:

Create and schedule flash sales quickly and easily.
It displays countdown watch prominently with room for CTA.
Select the mode of incentives and units like amount or percentage for reduction.
The selection options for stock of products/group of products for flash sales
Create flash sales for selected geographies.
Room for customized banners and visual creation.

3 – Cross Sale Modules
The majority of ecommerce visitors either enter the site with products in mind or not. When they explore the intended or selected product pages, they also notice related products and associated incentives with it.

The related products display inspires them to buy more and increases the total volume of sales at the end. PrestaShop has a range of various cross sales display modules. Ecommerce merchants can display related products on homepage, order page, viewed product page, in columns, and in AJAX cart.

There are a number of criteria for it and based on it the plugins, such as:

The same category products
Products in the same brand
Products in the history of shoppers
New products
Customized associations

4 – One Page Checkout Modules
PrestaShop has built-in one-page checkout features, but it lags behind in comparison to the modern shopping platforms. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on premium modules to bring comforts and intuitiveness during the entire checkout process.

The following out-of-box features and functions are found commonly in OPC modules.

One-click checkout without any other buttons at all.
Fully responsive web design with complete mobile friendliness.
Inline validation to enhance user satisfaction.
Better reporting for errors.
Instant display and availability of payment methods with stylish presentations.
Sticky cart for info & summary.
Support for multiple addresses, virtual goods, and multiple currency + languages.
Various Flash Sales modules available in PrestaShop extension marketplace. Those modules help PrestaShop merchants to:
The extensive configuration options in the back-end


The above mentioned Module Categories are just to give you an idea to pick form the perfect e-commerce solutions for your individual needs. Out the box, prestashop platform offers everything you might need to run an effective store, and also lets you customize your design and add various feature extensions.
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