Best YouTube SEO Tactics In 2019 To Optimize Your Content

Best YouTube SEO Tactics In 2019 To Optimize Your Content

You do SEO for search engines, right, and why not? I mean, there is nothing wrong to strive hard for appearing in the top for the search ranking results.

So much so, this is not enough. Do you know that there is SEO for almost every search engine; even there are SEO tactics for videos search engines. Ah! you got it correct, I am talking here of YouTube, the biggest video search engine.

Well, if didn’t you know it, SEO is required here as well, and furthermore, they are all very different strategies than Google.The world of free audio- video medium has a complete different set of rules, although the golden rule to appear in the top search results remains the same; the content has to be of top quality and must have the content which has universal appeal.

That is, of course, the known rule, but there are SEO tactics that immensely help to improve the ranking.
You might have the created the best video, but somehow it does not surface in the search results. Your competitors are constantly pushing you down in the results and you are still dwindling your thumb to figure out the reason.

I suggest you check the SEO tricks as they keep on changing frequently.What was working the last year might be the offensive SEO trick this year. So, with the ever-changing SEO updates, we here give you the Best YouTube SEO Tactics In 2019 To Optimize Your Content.

• Start with keywords

Keywords for YouTube are never the same as for other search engines like Google or Bing. To make sure you got the right keywords to do SEO for YouTube, you need to figure them by using them to search in Google for your niche.
If the keywords are able to get video results, then they are the keyword for YouTube as well.

To get more specific results, use Google Keyword Planner and figure out the number of searches made by them. This will narrow down your search and find you the best keywords that will actually help.

• Optimize your video title, tags and check how effective the move is for YouTube

Titles need not to require to be flashy or with flowy words. Simple words that describe the content, works the best. The should tell the audience what waits for them in the video.

The next thing to do immediately is to tag your video. Tagging will allow you to enter the required or relevant keywords. This will make sure that your videos get more views.

• Closed captions have a lot of SEO influence

This is an option to invite the crawlers to your site. Closed captions are for those who cannot hear or need extra help to hear. So, if you help them, you will be appreciated by Google and for this, all you need is to enable the closed captions.

• Try to fetch reviews or comments and ask/ encourage them to subscription

Reviews make your video popular and those liked by people is like by search engine as well. You cannot get the right ranking if you do not have an appeal. So, to let people know about you as the folks who already know you to post comments on your video.

The same metric is for subscriptions; more the audience goes for subscriptions to your video the more you reach them directly. So, work hard, be strategic and find out how to urge them for subscription without annoying them.

• Produce high-quality content in terms of production

It means that your content should have a nice visual appeal. But, hold on, this does not mean that you spend a fortune on the production. Well, you can simply make a jaw-dropping video with your mobile and Handycam. All you need to know in detail is about the settings and features.

You need to know the tricks of the trade and produce a high-quality content.Visual appeal can attract a lot of audiences and they stay and watch the entire content instead of shifting to some other site.

The voice in the video has to be good and audible. Some videos failed miserably in the past because the quality was really poor.

Invest in the basic production equipment and exploit them to the fullest. Many of us even do not know the entire features of our mobile device. If you have a high-end mobile, it can be used to make high-quality videos which have the potential for mass appeal.

• Social media is the “in thing”

You know that YouTube is a channel which is popular as social channel. So, you can easily draw connect to it with the other social channels like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Share your videos on every social channel and increase the audience from different mediums.

You need to be social on every social media platform to get the right kind of SEO attention.
The year 2019 is more about quality content and sharing it well. Social media is no longer a place where people are simply chatting and sharing their interest. It is now the place where corporates are seeking their interest as well.
Even Quora and LinkedIn are the social media where you need to grab the attention to get the audience from the platform.

• Use metrics to analyse the watch time and user engagement

There are plenty of metrics where you can understand the time spend by the audience to watch the video. This provides an ability to track the users interest and the time they have spent on your site.

There are options on the user account which you can easily put to use and find out how the audience was interested. The more the time they spent on your site, the more engaging is your video.Find out details about the bounce rate and try to reduce them.This is like a review you get from your own site without any biased or tampered results.

• Do some more work

Well, you really work hard to make a video, but now you need to work more to make it reach the right audience. The SEO is all about sharing the video and making it popular. With so many tips, you always need to be on your toes to figure out what else is missing.

It can be like getting interviewed by someone else and posting it on the web world. It helps actually and you become a known face.Talk about your content in the interview, let people know about you.Know in detail about your video, find about its length, which is a mystery.Some say, the bigger the length the more boring it is. But then, we have seen super long videos ruling the search results for years.So, the idea is, there is no perfect length.It is all about making it interesting and developing interest.


YouTube is not about stars and celebrities. With the right start, you can reach the maximum people and you do not need to spend a fortune on it.The SEO tricks mentioned above are absolutely result yielding and will never let you down. All you need is to follow them diligently and figure out more ways to find the right leverage for your video.'

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