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It’s not even 24 hours to when I came across another interesting story on AI. The Diabetes & Endocrinology centre in Coralville, Iowa has now confided in an AI powered machine which is expected to help the diabetic in saving their vision.

Doctors agreed that the machine could spot lesions, microaneurysms and other abnormalities in retina, which is a familiar screening process in examining diabetes patients with sight issues.

AI is on a roll clearly!

While it might just be easier to incorporate the most progressive technologies into Healthcare and Automotive, Ecommerce is another vertical that holds immense potential. In fact, ecommerce or mobile commerce is already driven by AI to large extent.

Statista predicts the online retail market would go over 4.8 trillion in span of next 3 years. Another compelling factor to an already bulging ecommerce industry is growing mobile usage, which has surpassed the desktop numbers in terms of internet access.

Especially if you are an online shop and have grown large over the years, AI is only going to make it easier by automating most user end activities.

Customer support stays active round the clock, search and navigation simplifies, shopping assistance is easier with AI enabled assistants. Everything is trouble free.

Business owners are mostly left with outlining their marketing plans. How to bring traffic to their site, whether or not push notifications are converting, what visitors to filter out, which campaigns to run on social media and plenty of other activities that stay with them during the lifetime of business.

Not that AI is not going to assist digital marketing. AI enabled tools and applications would certainly streamline the tracking process, pushing the success rate of a marketing campaign but implementation of activities is an area that might delay it a bit.

This infographic on AI planted trends into mobile and ecommerce is quite a picture ahead of an AI dominated age. Take a look –

Inputs from – Matt Bott, Founder (1stChoiceMarketing)
Infographic Courtesy – (Mofluid)


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