The Importance of Survey Automation to Conduct Surveys

The Importance of Survey Automation to Conduct Surveys

Surveys can enhance your business offerings for business growth. But it fosters the growth four times faster when you improve the level of survey flow. The main aim of conducting surveys is to know the feedbacks of your business offerings/products and overall customer experience.

Presently, digitalization is experiencing the rise of new trends every day in the market. And one of them is automation. With the ubiquity of mobile phones, your customers would want to fill in the surveys from their mobile phones which will save their time. That’s the one type of convenience you can provide to your customers. Giving your customers an option to fill surveys from anywhere will fetch more surveys from them.

You provided the convenience to your customers and got all the surveys filled from them. But how are you going to export the huge chunks of data and convert into actionable insights?

Two words: Survey Automation.

Survey automation gives the surveying organizations ease to create, conduct and analyze surveys right from their CRM. This means that the CRM stores the huge chunks of data and from there you can break it down into pieces and make a sense out of it.

If you are still not convinced with that, let me explain the significance of survey automation functionality in detail.

Reduces Operating Costs

There is no sense of collecting the survey data manually. Then copy-pasting all the information from various sources into one spreadsheet just to have all the information in the right place.

With CRM survey tools, you get the facility to automate the delivery destination of your survey results. This way, your team can concentrate on other productive tasks. Which ultimately reduces your operating costs.

Enhances your Questionnaire

Your survey results might vary by the user responses. And while you prepare a questionnaire you might want to show several sets of questions to qualified users only. With the Survey automation tool, you can apply ‘Skip Logic’ and make your surveys more relevant for your customers.

For instance, if your question is “Do you like to watch web series?”, if the participant chooses “yes” the next question pops up. If they choose “no”, then the survey redirects them to the next part of the survey or to the end of the survey.

Right Customer Approach

According to me, managing the survey data works well when your sales team is able to identify the valuable insights from the survey and take further action on it. And based on those actions, they can tailor their approach for conducting future surveys. With a manual process, your team might get busy in a time-sucking step of responding to every request from data.

With CRM survey tools, you can automate this process and break down the responses for the in-depth bifurcation and then coming up with the right approach.

Automates the Resend Process

There is a likely scenario that many of the survey recipients might not respond to your survey on time. They might get busy with their schedule and miss out the survey. If you stick with your manual process, you will have to exercise the whole process of checking the data, selecting no responses contact and send them survey. Again, time is a separate factor here.

Whereas with the survey automation tool, you can set the desired timeline and resend the survey to your contacts according to the actions taken from their end.

Eliminates the Compulsion of Survey Expert Payroll

As the sub-heading suggests, there is a possible situation that you might not have a survey expert in the house. But then what about all the valuable insights you want from it? The charts, analysis, data, and much more important stuff. In such cases, survey automation comes to the rescue.

The automated survey solutions eliminate the need of an expert giving you quality and actionable insights at the same time. SugarCRM survey modules are known for providing such impactful information.

Provides Role Based Creation

Based on several steps involved in the survey process, to facilitate the whole process, you might want different professionals to handle various aspects of the process. With SugarCRM survey module, you can allocate the specific roles to specific personnel which helps you maintain the right flow sending and receiving the surveys.

For instance, you can assign the creation of questionnaire to the salesperson. And thereafter, the creation of survey template based on the questionnaire goes to your designer. After that for the final touch, your marketing manager edits and review the same and send it to the targeted audience. You can even make changes to role-based specifications and workflow.

Improves Action Flow

To be in the right track of survey flow, you need to maintain it thoroughly. To do so, admin will have to select and execute certain actions. You will have all the freedom to select a targeted module of the workflow and choose the type of records which he wishes to automate.

With an automated survey CRM tool, admin can define the survey automation workflow with different parameters to set conditions. Admin can easily select the related field for the selected recipient type.

In a Nutshell

Survey automation is not a minor but a significant phenomenon. Because you are going to make certain business decisions based on the final survey results and analysis. And survey automation can help you execute the surveys more efficiently and at the same time creating a hassle-free experience for your customers and personnel.'

Maulik Shah

Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing software add-on store selling extensions and plugins for various technologies, including Survey Plugin For SugarCRM . Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of ecommerce technology.

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