10 Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Campaigns in 2019 & Ways to Fix Them!

10 Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Campaigns in 2019 & Ways to Fix Them!

The year of 2018 has been ended and 2019 come with new SEO trends that will effectively increase the ranking of your site. There are several successful SEO factors used by the search engines and affects the position of your site. Each of them has a different weight and degree of impact to place in the top. So, determine those checkpoints and execute them in accordance to increase the site visibility in search engines.

But apart from this, applying a bad SEO entails practices, which are outside the boundaries of Google webmaster guidelines, will affect the website optimization for search engines. There are many techniques that can hurt your SEO campaigns this year. So, take a look at those points and fix them to improve the quality of the website.

● Poor Mobile Indexing/Responsiveness

As the fact that people are using the smartphones and tabs for searching and grabbing the information instead of a desktop. The lacking of responsive designs generate the issues like, title is not fully displayed on the screen, the unclear structure of the site, difficulty in fetching the information, and many more. If your site is not optimized for the mobile version, then it may adversely affect the ranking of the site.

Therefore, Google introduced the Mobile-first indexing strategy, where the design and content are adapted for the mobile devices. Make sure that the sites have responsive designs for all the devices so that users are able to fetch the information easily from anywhere.

● Not Including the Voice Search Keywords

Optimization for voice search requires new methods as it differs from the usual way of working with search engines. Instead of incoherent words and incomplete phrases, users use actual, correct questions with which search algorithms will have to work. In other words, to promote a site, you will need to start optimizing sites for a new kind of voice keywords. Long-tail keywords that come in one of six different forms (who, what, where, when, why, how) are for voice search optimization.

10 Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Campaigns in 2019 & Ways to Fix Them!

● Slow Loading Speed Page

Slow sites are those loading speed is greater than 3 seconds. The reason for slow sites could be like heavy images on the sites, server issue, code density, text graphics, and many more. The faster your site, the faster Google will approve it. Google has a very useful tool for checking the speed of your site that is Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool gives you an overview of what aspects need to be improved to increase the speed of a specific website page.

● The absence of ALT Tags in Images

Ignoring ALT descriptions, you lose positions and traffic from image search. Remember that the correct design of images not only makes the content more enjoyable and readable but also increases the visibility of pages in search results. Therefore, adding a replacement ALT tag gives a description of the image. This helps search engine spiders to take into account the specified information about the image along with textual information.
10 Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Campaigns in 2019 & Ways to Fix Them!

● Avoiding the GDPR

While purchasing a product from any ecommerce sites or user enter their data on the multiple sites, there are fewer chances that data will stay protected. It this so, the site may lose the ranking signal in the search engines. To resolve this problem, Google introduces a new technique called GDPR (General Data Protection Statement). Users can now request for what personal information the company has about them. It will protect the personal data from misuse and exploitations. If any company does not comply with this rule, then serious fine may charge on it.
10 Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Campaigns in 2019 & Ways to Fix Them!

● Unsatisfactory Meta Descriptions & Heading Tags

Sometimes titles and meta-descriptions are not matching with the content of the page, which falls the sites back down. To move to 2019, you need to think through each word in order to maximize the semantics, work with behavioural factors and enable the user to quickly and unambiguously determine the content of the pages. The fact is that the correctness of filling META simultaneously affects 2 categories of SEO factors like technical and behavioural. Properly written H1 tag increases the value of the page for search engines. With a clear structure, there must be the title, which uniquely describes the content of information on the page.

● Hidden & Annoying Links

Links are usually very useful on any website. They help your visitors to travel through your site, and they are great for SEO. Nevertheless, it is very important to make sure that the links on the website are not hidden or annoying with their placement. If your links do not work properly or misleading the visitors, your website will give visitors a bad experience. For inclusion in search results, search engines choose high-quality sites. Of course, you will need to fix all the backlinks that lead to non-existent pages. To cope with this task will help you a free set of systems Google Webmaster Tools.

● Duplicate & Worthless Content in Pages

The task of information retrieval systems is to display, at the request of people who want to find certain information, the best suitable sites. If your site contains high-quality and informative information materials, search engines will consider your site as one of the most suitable sites. Be sure to check the compliance of the materials with the stated theme of the site, not to mention the absence of spelling errors and grammar. In addition to the text, links, photos, videos and other informational materials must be present. Tips for writing sales texts for the site we have already told readers in our article.

● Inferior & Unsecured Connections (SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol)

HTTPS is an advanced protocol adapted to increased security requirements. Due to the use of an SSL certificate, the communication channels are encrypted, which excludes packet reading, interference with data transmission, and espionage. Search engines officially included SSL certificates in their ranking factors. Thus, websites can protect their clients from hacker attacks, theft of personal data and other forms of software piracy rise above. The transition to the HTTPS protocol is a prerequisite for the successful development of the sites in 2019. It is not only in terms of security but also for the SEO promotion.

● The absence of Video Content

The Internet is crazy about video content. Since the video content is so popular, you have a number of options to post the videos on YouTube and other channels. You can simply embed the video right on your site and encourage users to spend more time on it. Google rate the site higher if you are using this strategy. It is very important to use powerful SEO tools.

Wrapping Up!

So, avoid these above-mentioned things and use the powerful SEO tools of 2019 that will help your sites to increase the ranking. Your campaign depends on your ability to measure progress and detect problems before they cause lasting damage.


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