7 Best HTML5 & CSS3 Certifications 2019

7 Best HTML5 & CSS3 Certifications 2019

Web designing, in other words, can be described as a form of scientific art that is crucial in creating a website. To be an exceptional web designer, you should be well equipped with knowledge of web programming platform, basic web designing applications and should be blessed decent creativity skills. Adding to these skills, a web designer, should exhibit excellent problem-solving capabilities, adapt to the latest trends in the software and technology industry and also have excellent verbal and written communication skills. So for those individuals who have a knack for coding and web development we have mentioned some of the Best HTML5 & CSS3 Certifications that you can not miss out on in the year 2019. This list includes both free and paid learning certifications suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.

Best HTML5 & CSS3 Certifications

1. Microsoft Developer Certifications

Microsoft Corporation offers a great opportunity when it comes to learning about new software development. It enables an individual to acquire certification through multiple exams and skill endorsements tests. They offer two primary credential levels.

• Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) level
• Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) level

MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (98-375)

MTA certifications comprise of a wide range of fundamental technical ideas to evaluate and certify core technical knowledge and increases the technical probability. It is a basic certification that provides knowledge of programming websites and applications using HTML5.The validity of MTA Certification expires in five years. The cost of taking this exam is 3,696.00 INR

MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer

To qualify this exam, web developers must show their expertise in building solutions for both individual-specified and modern cloud technologies. This certification is helpful and acts as an international standard for software developers. Developers who want to get this web design certification should be well familiar with Microsoft tools and other languages examine and design enterprise solutions. Microsoft Exam 70-480 provides the prospects of programming with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. MCSD highlights the aspects of critical thinking and decision-making intelligence that are essential for success as a Microsoft Specialist. The cost of taking this exam is 4,800.00 INR*

2. W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate

W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate is an internationally acknowledged accreditation, exhibiting skills and ability of a developer in writing codes using HTML5, XHTML, and CSS. Web designing specialists acquire W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate as their primary accreditation in web designing to validate that they possess the basic knowledge necessary to move forward to more difficult and specialised fields in web designing. The cost of taking this certification is $95.00.

3. HTML CSS and Javascript for Web Developers by Coursera

This online certification is offered by coursera in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University. This course is created by Yaakov Chaikin who is an Adjunct Professor for Graduate Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. Yaakov is an expert in all phases of the software development lifecycle, from requirements and architecture to implementation. This popular course will help you master all relevant tools in web development, including the application of advanced web pages with HTML and CSS, to learning to code pages that can reposition and resize themselves automatically. You don’t need any prior understanding of programming languages to enrol to this program. The course is paced quite nicely with a commitment of 5 weeks of study, 4-6 hours of dedication required each week.

4. The Complete Web Developer in 2018: Zero to Mastery by Udemy

Mr Andrei Neagoie designed this online certification offered by Udemy, to teach you to code and become a complete web developer with proficiency in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, React, Node.js, Machine Learning and other platforms and languages. This certification is a 26-hour comprehensive course which comes with 100 articles and 67 downloadable supplemental resources. The trainer Andrei Neagoie is a Senior Software Developer turned Instructor who has been working in the Silicon Valley and Toronto for many years. Realising the lack of complete education in most online courses, he took it upon himself to plug gaps and share his knowledge with enthusiasts and learners across the globe. The cost of taking this certification is 12,800 INR.

5. HTML5 Certification: W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) (edX)

In this Professional Certificate program, outlined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), participants will get the opportunity to master the primary programming languages required for Web development, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. They will get deep insights into the process of building interactive and responsive user experiences along with increasing their knowledge of the three languages. W3C is the main international standards organisation for the World Wide Web, and this HTML5 Certification is a special certificate course offered by them on a global e-learning platform edX. This course includes interactive exercises to help you code the correct way. The duration of this program is for six weeks, and the participant is required to dedicate 6-10 hours per week. The cost of taking this certification is FREE, but if you want to Add a Verified Certificate you will have to pay USD $99.

6. The Complete 2018 Fullstack Web Developer Course by Udemy

This course covers all concepts of HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery etc. from scratch. The trainer Mr Kalob Taulien has extensive experience as a Web Developer and has already trained approx. 100,000+ students globally through these online classes. Having immense experience into the field of web development, his core competencies lies in using complex programming concepts and convert them into easily understandable bytes of knowledge. The duration of this course is of 21 hours with two articles and 14 downloadable supplemental resources. The cost of taking this certification is 12,800 INR.

7. Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch: Eduonix Learning Solutions

This course is offered by Eduonix Learning Solutions, which has 1+ million students already graduated worldwide. In this free HTML5 course, they teach you all about the HTML language from the absolute beginning. They train you to utilise features like drag and drop, geolocation among many others to generate excellent user experience. Through this course, the participants will develop a deep understanding of not just HTML programming but includes CSS as well. The duration of this course is over 10.5 hour period, with four articles and 17 downloadable supplemental resources. You can access this course anywhere online be it mobile or smart TV.


Web designing is multifaceted, changing and continuously evolving field with promising job prospects. Aesthetically appealing and highly functional web designing is continuously in high demand for business developments across all sectors of the industry which guarantees a promising future in the career of a web designer. The mentioned web designing certifications for HTML5 & CSS3 will enhance your skills and scope in this domain. If it happens you need help with your HTML5 and CSS project in college, you can visit AssignmentCore and pay programming assignment experts to have your coding homework done.


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