7 Killer Tips for Creating A Lead Capture Page in WordPress

7 Killer Tips for Creating A Lead Capture Page in WordPress

WordPress is an amazing tool trusted by millions of users across the world for their websites and web-based solutions. Today, getting a WordPress site designed and developed is like a breeze and anyone with just a little bit of technical knowledge can do that. However, having a website is always not enough particularly when your goal to grow the business by capturing leads.
And with email leads growing in number and utility by the day, it would be a surprise if you did not have in place to capture more of them. This is where a lead capture page can help which you can make conversion focussed and realize your business’ true marketing potential. In fact, the dedicated static page on your website or lead capture pages or email landing pages can help a lot with conversion.

• You can have your email opt-in form on these pages

• Relay your marketing messages on these pages

• Place on page incentives and copywriting text and call-to-actions for conversion

• The simple page you can also send to your visitors

Before creating your email capture landing page, you must first do the research and take ideas from other marketers and their designs. You can get an idea about how such pages are linked to email pages, how much content is being used on these pages, what type of content is used and what type of incentives used to attract new subscribers.
More so, before designing the page, you must also be sure about the action you want users to take upon singing up for the page, and the reward or incentives you want to offer to users. With clarity in mind, you can create good pages easily.

Here are some tips for creating a lead capture page in WordPress –

1 – Use a static page
It’s important to use a static page instead of a blog style page for creating a lead capture page. Such a page, when created in WordPress, won’t have any tags, time-stamp or categories assigned to it. Static pages are always considered excellent when it comes to creating timeless content. You can follow the same style for creating the content page, service page, product page, sales page etc.

2 – Create a persuasive ‘actionable’ headline title
Make sure the headline for your lead capture page is relevant, compelling and above all, actionable enough to drive home the point. Being relevant means it must easily tell people what the page is all about and what it can offer. If the headline is compelling, it means it makes a clear promise to turn visitor into a subscriber. And when your headline is actionable, it tells users to take action by showing urgency or by catering to their needs.

3 – Create exceptional landing page copy
What after a headline that has stood out? Well, now back it up with some brilliant landing page copy. Which can be done by describing to users all the benefits of being a subscriber. You can convey all the offers and incentives step by step, tell users how they can get value through your newsletters. This will do the trick and you can expect to catch users’ attention for your email.

4 – Keep you keep short yet convincing
Although the copy for your landing page is supposed to be informative, it should never be overdone with the content. The focus should always be on not giving tons of information in the copy as this might distract or even bore readers. Write simple, don’t use too many technical jargons or phrase and use short paragraphs. You can also use a few bullet points to state to users the best offers to them. This will work in grabbing attention quickly.

5 – Use video content
Yes, you can add video content to your landing page and make it even more attention-grabbing for users. In facts, using videos in a right manner can boost the conversion greatly. They can easily help brands make positive personal connection with potential subscribers. Plus, people love videos, more than text, so you can use it to give a push to conversion.

6 – Use only high-resolution images and visuals
You can drive conversion greatly by using high-quality and high-resolution images and visuals in your landing pages. Never use images that look faded or whose pixels are not perfect as they can dilute the value of information. Make sure the visuals going with the landing page are attractive and relevant else you might lose conversions.

7 – Give options of opting-out
Keep in mind two things – make your users/readers know you dislike spam and second, tell them you respect their privacy at all times. Back up you talk by giving users an op-out option for any moment they like. This will add value your brand. You can consult a top web development company to know more about controlling spam.

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