7 SEO hacks to improve your SEO rankings in 2019

7 SEO hacks to improve your SEO rankings in 2019

Everything works best when it is done in the right way; But in case of SEO, things are tricky. It is a different world altogether with different rules and strategies. Here, the SEO world is rapidly shifting, the techniques change on a dime.

The amazing thing is, hacks which gave you the first-page ranking, are now obsolete.
They were the reasons which made you stand winner, but now they can hurt your ranking. They might fetch you Google penalty in extreme cases.

So,no raising your eyebrows to the fact that you need to revise and understand the new SEO hacks that will improve your SEO ranking in 2019.

We have divided them in the pointers for you, but there are overall factors which you need to maintain for the ranking results.

First thing first, which is the overall user experience of the website. Check it with tools, do it manually yourself, request your friends and other to figure the weak spots and then make the necessary changes.
The most important deciding factor in SEO is all about the user interface and how user-friendly it is.
Adapt and improvise your website and keep these two factors constant.

Also, you need to check the keywords, backlinks, and other metrics to make sure you get the right results for your effort.

We here have curated the top SEO hacks for 2019 as there has been a lot of changes in the SEO world.

1. A complete and full analysis of the website

You might need to go back and start from square one for this. Here is a quick explanation of what Google is here for. They like any other any search engine, want to show the best and reliable results for a user’s query.Low quality, irrelevant information results, and bad websites will not get the ranking and will end up nowhere.

7 SEO hacks to improve your SEO rankings in 2019

So, you have a set guild line of what is expected from you.

Google is the most popular search engines so far, and therefore most of the websites follow their guidelines.
If your site is not ranking to the right position, it is clear that it does not fulfil the requisite demand.
Back to the point, check the overall status of your website, how good it is in all the regards, be it functional or the content worth.

Content should be updated and fresh. Publish frequent blog post and stay active. Do not post content which is not worth.Readers should connect with your blogs to the website and mind it, readers here are two categories, the first ones are the humans and the second are the search crawlers.

Even you need to check the loading speed of the website. Those which takes years to load is the spammy website. It increases the bounce rate and then it automatically affects the ranking of the website in search results.
Hire the team which can look and solves all these issues. A healthy website is the best website.

2. Know about keyword selection

Well, you might feel offensive on this particular pointer, but an SEO expert nee sot know in detail about the keywords. There are a variety of keywords, long tail, short tail, LSI.Content should not be stuffed with them, it appears promotional and Google dislikes it a lot.

7 SEO hacks to improve your SEO rankings in 2019

Keep yourself updated, read more informative blogs which are easily accessible, check with the keywords tools, and of course do not forget to check your competitors.

They might be using the same keyword and so you are stuck in the midst of suffocating competition. Work with unique keywords, they have minimum coemption and initially will boost your page.

3. An SEO expert need to know about different techniques

There are basically two categories- black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

White hat SEO

    good from the search engine optimization perspective and has multiple advantages.

    The content is genuine and not created to deceive Google.
    It does not breach the guidelines and follows them meticulously.
    It has the content which is of high value to the customers.
    The most important aspect is that the content never fools the audience – be it humans or the search crawlers.

Black hat SEO– Well, the main purpose of this kind of SEO is to get the right ranking anyhow.
The content is overloaded with keywords and tries to manipulate the SEO results. They might not get noticed initially, but later they do land nowhere as Google hates to be tweaked for the search results.

Sometimes the backlinks are overuse and frequently posted. This also falls under the black hat SEO.

Some experts do practice this, but later even if they try hard, it is difficult for them to survive and rank even in the last pages.

Some get penalized to the extent that they are wiped off entirely.

4. Reduce possibilities of SEO errors

There are different strategies for the perfect SEO and so there is an increased chance for errors as well. the SEO expert has to check for keywords of different types, URL structure, Title tag, H1, H2, and H3, Meta description, Synonyms and LSI keywords, Broken links, content quality, and many other kinds of stuffs.
It is wrong to blame and banish the SEO expert for any errors.

7 SEO hacks to improve your SEO rankings in 2019

But they really need to be vigilant and figure out what will prevent them from committing errors. There are tools which are helpful and execute accurate results. For example, use plagiarism tools for a check concerning original and plagiarized content, SEO tools for searching keywords and other important and very useful.

5. Consider and know about Google RankBrain

Google announced RankBrain recently and now you need to know everything about it.
As an expert, a quick revise will not do. You need to know more about the first machine learning algorithm.

7 SEO hacks to improve your SEO rankings in 2019

In short, this RankBrain is all about user satisfaction.
The more time the user spends on the website and finds useful information, and make frequent visits, the more chances are there that the website will rank higher.

Well, we do not say that the keywords or backlinks are now outdated, but hands down this machine algorithm is the key factor.

6. Old blog posts still retain the SEO worth, republish them

Do you know that if you republish your old blogs, it will still have the SEO leverage?
This is because Google appreciates the fact that you still work on your content and is active. You show tour visibility to the search engines. This is appreciated by Google and ultimately affect your ranking.

7 SEO hacks to improve your SEO rankings in 2019

Just take a quick tour of the content you have published, be it your own website, guest posting, social media posts, and even the FAQ page.

Social media – SEO is not directly linked to social media but it has a definite effect on the search results. There are different platforms for social media and you need to create a presence either.
Word of caution- be careful in social media platform, you cannot be everywhere as you need to get your own dedicated audience. so, pick the one which has the best response and viewers for you.

If you try to overdo for the social media presence, your audience can reject you as you are too easy to approach; You lose your impact.


Changing time also requires to change the strategies and you do not worry as the search engine world has not gone upside down. It is all about the updates and the tweaks which they keep on updating to let the users get the best search results.

The smart SEO expert needs to know about this and they are in constant pursuit to know more about the ranking norms.
The above pointers are relevant for 2019 and you need to learn in detail about them. You might not be aware of them, but that is not enough for a professional.

Stay updated with the SEO hacks that are going to stay at least for the while.


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