Data-Driven Marketing: 37 Tools to Power Your Marketing

Data is an important element of marketing which enables companies to connect with customers and engage them in various ways. Organizations connect with consumers with the help of top quality data, insights, and the available analytics.

Data-driven marketing ( Data-Driven Marketing Tools) means using data gathered from consumer engagements with a website to take marketing decisions like building appropriate products, optimizing your website to fulfill the needs of visitors, displaying related advertisements, and the future product enhancements.

You need to determine the main motive of your digital marketing business of the current year and the most efficient way to achieve it. It is obvious that whatever you plan, its key goal is to achieve higher web traffic to your site and increase your brand awareness in the target market for generating large revenue. Data-driven marketing tools are particularly important for companies to easily target their audience and obtain better Return on Investment (ROI). This article covers the top ten data-driven marketing tools to achieve your goals.


Google Analytics is a free tool and the most popular web analytics platform used to track website behavior. It provides various insights like the traffic received on a particular web page, visitors activity and their engagement with the content, bounce rate, and can even identify the most beneficial online marketing channels for your purpose.

There is an enormous majority of digital marketing teams of several companies in the world using \Google Analytics as the fundamental basis for their Data-Driven Marketing Tools plan. It also reports how efficiently your website is working. The website traffic can be seen in the dashboard which offers an easy interface. There are numerous free web research tools in the interface available for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Google Analytics provides real-time traffic reports with the number of visitors and their geographic locations. It also features AdWords for displaying ads, keywords suggestions and easily tracking the quality of landing page and conversions.


Hubspot was introduced in 2005 and nowadays it has a huge customer base across the globe. It is integrated with three main tools which are CRM hub, Sales hub, and Marketing hub. CRM hub is totally free whereas free and paid monthly subscription options are available for the other two tools. The facilities offered to paying customers include phone and email support, 24/7 live chat, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing management, and web analytics.
Hubspot is very useful to build personalized landing pages. Its paid marketing tools allow mobile optimization to grab leads to your website, measure your ROI, and manage lead profile in a convenient way, etc.


LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a paid data-driven marketing tool which enables your target audience in the LinkedIn network to automatically fill the accurate information in the form thereby generating high-quality leads straight away for you.

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager offers programmatic buying of self-service ads. When a user clicks on the ad, the form gets automatically filled from the information in the user’s LinkedIn profile. This provides a great user experience. The lead information can be downloaded from Campaign Manager and you can analyze ROI report as well as cost per lead.


BuzzSumo provides an effective method to expand your reach in the target market just by outreach and influence marketing. This tool is free for five searches and after that, you have to subscribe for a paid plan. It analyzes the main influencers’ ideas for your content promotion policy and also helps you to identify those online outlets which are getting more space in your niche.

So it becomes easy for you to find the best topic for your audience and you can utilize the influencer search tools to find the important influencers in any region or topic. The backlinks tool in BuzzSumo is used to find those websites which are linking to the best content by keyword.


Curata is a paid tool which helps you in formulating the appropriate content for the target audience at the right time. It provides insight into content ROI and is useful both for small as well as large companies. The key components of its content marketing platform are strategy, production, and analysis.

The analytics from Curata helps in visualizing the ideal content for social sharing; leads generated, and decide a particular content to increase ROI. Major support for this tool is 24/7 available customer service for phone/online support. Video tutorials are also there for the knowledge base.


Crazy Egg is a robust heat mapping tool because it shows the way users scroll and navigate through your site. It also shows the pages viewed and the links clicked by users. So you can get a clear picture of what is holding and what’s not grabbing the interest of your website’s visitors.

This tool is free for a trial period of 30 days after which you have to pay. It is awesome for visualizing web activity and achieving a higher ROI. Crazy egg is suitable for both mobile sites and full websites.


Whoisvisiting is a fantastic Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool for turning your site visitors into leads B2B marketing. This is a paid tool which offers you great chances to increase your ROI as you can examine those marketing campaign channels that get maximum companies to your site.
You can track the name, phone number, address, and other contact information along with the interests of B2B visitors which allows you to easily contact them for a deal. This tool is very useful as it also integrates with top CRM tools like Salesforce.


The premium features of DataHero tool facilitate data-driven marketing teams to visualize their data any time in the form of a variety of charts. You can also use its drag-and-drop features to make your own customized charts.
The single and easy to use platform combines your entire business and data together. The data is collected from distinct business services and you can explore the associations between them.


Canva comes with both free and paid options for use. This tool is particularly useful for creating appealing images for blogging, social media marketing campaigns etc. The image creation on Canva is easy to learn with a smooth drag and drop interface.

You can choose the layouts and templates for your design and customize them as required. Canva also allows edition of existing images by adding heading and subheadings, choosing the color, brightness, etc.


Bitly is the most popular tool used to shorten URLs. It is free to use and its paid versions are also available for enterprises. Bitly can also be used to track, share, and manage your favorite links from the web. The short URL is generally used in instant messaging, email campaigns, Twitter, and various presentations.

After sharing the links on social media, you can examine the traffic on your site by choosing ‘View Stats’ option. Upgraded features of this tool provide mobile-friendly links and audience insights to enhance marketing endeavors.


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