Installing WordPress Themes on Your Fingertips

Installing WordPress themes? No, I can’t do it! Of course you can! It is not a difficult task at all. WordPress themes are the latest and most widely sought after tools on the internet and more people by the day are using them. They are available free of cost and some premium themes are also available. Depending on your expertise and the revenue you want from your blogs, you can go either ways.

But first, after selection of the theme, you need to install it on your web server for everyone to see and experience a piece of your individuality and creative genius! Let us assure you, installing a WordPress theme is easier than installing other software application on your computer.

Installing WordPress

Before you even select the WordPress theme, you need to download the most recent WordPress Codex from the site. Most easy to install is from or the.rar files. Using suitable software, unzip the Codex installation files and install with the setup files.

On the web hosting server, you need to make a MySQL database. Preferably adding a user follows that.

After you have added the user, grant him administrative privileges, i.e. ensure that the user can make the necessary changes to the blog and use the settings to the fullest.

For installing WordPress, you need to make a directory (for your ease of use) on the web hosting server with a public HTML type view.

Add the desired file structure to the directory you just created on the web hosting server. The admin panel will help you achieve that.

You have to define all the permissions from the new earliest directory created to the latest created. By defining, we mean the access type should be mentioned. For individual use, make all the directories under the purview of the administrator.

You will find a file named wp_confi_sample.php. Rename this to wp_confi.php followed by opening the file and adding the desired username and other details. The renaming of the file is done to change the default configuration settings.

You can use any web browser of your choice. Open that and type the name of your desired website to initiate the launcher and finalize the WordPress installation.

Follow the instructions and you’re done.

Installing a Theme

Check whether the installation files are pre-downloaded or have to be downloaded.

From the WordPress admin dashboard, under add new themes – select and add the desired theme. The already downloaded installation files will help you add the desired theme.

Upload the link of the theme on your server. Activate the theme and you’re ready to use the theme of your choice.

The advantage of using free themes is that you can change the themes as and when desired. But make sure you keep the themes relevant to the blog posted.

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