WordPress SEO For Achieving Top Google Rankings

If you have hung around the internet and gotten a little whiff of the SEO updates, you would have already gathered that if you have your website optimized, you stand the chance of getting better hits and more profits and ranking on the search engines. However, it might seem like something unattainable since you might not have any idea of how you can get the necessary optimization for your blog.

At first, most bloggers are often undecided on the kind of software that would be ideal for their blogging enterprise, but with time, they come to settle on the WordPress option.

However, I am always amazed when I discover that many people who make use of WordPress do not actually know anything about WordPress SEO. They have basically no knowledge of the workings of the SEO tips and training that is imperative for their online success. I do not advise you to ignore that WordPress SEO training as you would be doing yourself more harm than good. Once you make a wonderful combination of SEO and WordPress, you would be amazed yourself at the possibilities that could result from such a combination. Trying to effectively tap into the wonders of SEO without using WordPress is essentially like trying to fill up a Jacuzzi with a basket.

Basically, I can tell you of two WordPress programs that would achieve the desired effect for you. I know that there are many people out there who would smile at the prospect of making money, but are decidedly hesitant about spending some investment along the way. For these people the WordPress SEO training would be quite good, since this affords them the opportunity to make money without spending any of theirs.

I am sure you are not disputing if I tell you this: WordPress is the best blogging platform. It has its reasons too; it is easy to install, free of charge and a very good friend of google. Here are some ways you can use in optimizing your blog for better visibility on the search engines.

Step 1: Keyword research. You see, the keywords are the main things that would determine how far you would go in the SEO soup. It is therefore important for you to have a well composed list of your keywords. However here is a little tip for you; the best free tool you can use for your keyword research is the Google keyword research tool.

Step 2: customize your WordPress blog for Google SEO. First of all, of course, you should log on to your dashboard, go to settings and permalinks. Once there, alter the default structure of your blog. Click on the radio button with the “custom” header and insert /%postname%/ in the box.

Step 3: Write content. Also, do not forget to write regularly. Don’t be irregular in your writing, and make sure your articles are quality, since there is nothing a search engine loves more.

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