Don’t Miss Out These 7 WordPress Web Development Trends in 2019

Continuously Word Press holds 50-60%majority stake of CMS for 7 years now. It is interesting to know that 32% of the content on the Internet is managed on Word press platform.When you look at Word Press trends 2019, you will find that it is the fastest growing Content Management System which is being used for around 500+ new sites that come up every day in the top 10 million websites over the web.

When you look at the top 100 websites in the world 14.7% of it is provided by Word Press.Every second around 17 posts is published over the Word Press site all around the world. The keyword Word Press gets around 37 million searches every year and 2.8 million every month in Google. Word Press is used by 19,500,000 websites throughout the web.

It is a fact that 8% of the top 100 blogs have been managed by the Word Press website development. About 2,645 from the top 10,000 websites over the web also use Word Press to manage their content.

It is interesting to know that around 22,111 websites of top 100,000 websites over the web use Word Press. Out of top 1million websites over the web, 297,629 of them run on Word Press.

The non-English Word Press downloads drastically increased when compared to the English downloads in the year 2014 for the first time in history. In the US 22% of new domains use Word Press.

The following are the 7 latest trends in Word Press development that should not be missed in 2019.

1. Mobile first:

• Though cross mobile and browser were contemporary for web coding for prior years, mobile first is one of the latest trends in Word Press so as to create blogs and websites which can be used in the year 2019.
• As the numbers of mobile internet users have drastically increased and compressed the desktop users to a great extent, it’s important to look for the web users as mainstream with the help of mobile-first approach.
• Web development and mobile responsive website design services have been significant in order to take off its new mobile-first index in the year 2018 by Google.
• It’s nothing but an algorithm of blog and sites which achieve higher grade by the requirement and benefits of the mobile users.
• It is for sure that more websites may come up with mobile customized designs in the year 2019.

2. Colors and combinations:

• This is another most desired feature of Word Press trends 2019 that will let you look for more trends in Word Press web development in the year 2019. The way it affects are –
• Colors are very important for your site as they provide the right impression and tone.
• Can convey the critical feelings to your visitors and can convert them into customers.
• Making an impact over the customer would merely depend on the theme and appropriate colors which you have chosen.
• Choosing eye catchy colors will be the new trend to work on in 2019.

3. E-Commerce:

• Nowadays e-commerce has become unavoidable in your web design trends 2019.
• It would be highly beneficial if you were able to have a commercially prepared platform which you can couple with different commercial networks, plug-ins, settings, and extensions.
• Your e-commerce website solutions that provide to payment -based services, mobile shopping, or the tailored buying can be gratified by SKT authorized shopping.

4. Video headers and backgrounds:

• We can always predict that video would definitely succeed in virtual authenticity in the year 2019 as well. As vlogs are becoming popular, the inclusion of videos on the websites is expected to increase in 2019.
• Though it’s not an innovation to add video materials in websites, it is one of the Word Press development trends of the year 2019.
• You can find several easy to use and tailor video headers, sliders, and video background.

5. Micro-interactions:

• In order to have perfect user experience for your customers’ small details, keys and animation touches play an important role which is called micro-interactions.
• An absence of these can drastically reduce the efficiency of your site.
• Micro communications can be in the form of progress bars, keys, animated images and much more which would help in maintaining the site instructiveness.
• The users can be on live mode and they can express their feelings and expressions while they can communicate with others.

6. Minimalism Combined with special “fashion” effects:

• It would really look great if you have simplicity, the blast of colors, geometry, transformation, animation and malfunction all at one place.
• Simplicity is not what it means it’s an instruction which you can find in WordPress web development that you can follow.
• You can actually create custom Word Press development as well as animated web tough together here for your niche site.

7. Better UX with micro-interactions:

• With the rise in the evolvement of the web world, designers are trying their best to get tinier interactions with the UI. As such the micro-interactions are growing and developing into a new trend.
• Though there are already several popular websites and apps which have already utilized these trends in their designs, Word Press 2018 themes also have and will follow these trends in the coming years. You can get great visual feedback through micro-interactions as they provide smooth interactions.


With the latest development in Internet, there has been a drastic increase in the number of online business and as such their respective websites. Having a website is not a big deal but creating in the best way with unique and accurate content, use of bright colors with the latest trends in Word Press web development services available in the market. As mobile internet users have increased to a great extent it’s better to have a site that would work accurately even on mobiles.
There are several companies which can provide you with custom Word Press development services with which you have a better website than your competitive company’s website. It’s the way with which you can reach your potential customers and raise your profits within a short period of time.'

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