The 7 Biggest UX Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

The 7 Biggest UX Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Your web design solely depends on the current UX style, you have chosen. After all, you are making this web for users, right? So,you have to think about them and place your mind in their view,before playing on any of the UX design. It helps in making the webpage exciting and interesting enough to attract maximum readers.So,for getting a proper user balance on your website,you have to choose the finest User experience design.

But while making these choices, designers always make some common mistakes. For them, it is quite challenging to choose the right UX design, and they land up making some common mistakes.

7 common mistakes to avoid
Mistakes happen anytime, and it will not give you any prior notification. But, a little bit of knowledge might help you to avoid those making in near future. So, let’s just work on those means first.Concentrate on your content and image equally:Designers have the tendency to make the site as much attractive as possible. So, they land up concentrating more on the image of the website, and put less value.

1. Concentrate on your content and image equally:
Designers have the tendency to make the site as much attractive as possible. So, they land up concentrating more on the image of the website, and put less value in the content. It might seem logical in the beginning, but it’s not.

A customer is going to visit your website to know what you are dealing with. They want to know if their choices can be met over here. But, if your content lacks such information, then it becomes difficult for them to stick to your website. They might look for other alternatives. So, try giving same preferences to both content and images.

2. Managing consistency:
Inconsistency is the main energy of a perfect website. You had given your complete heart and soul, when you first started your website. But with time, you fail to improve to upgrade it to the notable requirements. That might easily hamper the correct look of your website, and attracts fewer customers to your kitty. And you definitely don’t want that.

3. Avoid choosing wrong typography:
Even though typography is not that important like background image or color, but it forms a great deal of feature, when it comes to your website design. Choosing the wrong typography or size can easily be a negative point for your website design. Things, which people can’t see, will not attract them much. So, better be watchful of that.

4. Make way for correct colors:
Sometimes, designers make the common mistake of choosing wrong colors. Taking a darker background color and going for a lighter font color might be contrasting but not that of a help. Readers will not be able to recognize what’s written, and that is enough for them to lose interest on your website. So, perfect color choice is mandatory.

5. Responsive design usage:
People are so hooked up with their PC website design, that they compete forget their mobile customers. You have to design a website, which can attract PC users, as well as mobile users. For that, do not forget to add the term “responsive” in your UX designing list.

6. Incorporating white space:
People make the common mistake of not incorporating white space in design. You have to do that if you want to prevent a cluttered look and go for a fine finish. Experts are readily available to provide you with promising results around here.

7. Stop making it complicating:
No one has the time to visit your website and solve a riddle to get the services met. So, stop making such complicating designs. It might help you to create a unique site, but even can decrease the number of existing customers, you have.

If designers are well aware of the mistakes beforehand, then making those won’t be that easy. So, try working on these mistakes first, as mentioned, before you try working on your next site design'

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