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How different are dApps and Apps

Mobile application and life as we know:

The world as we know changed when mobile phones were invented and it changed everyone’s life even further after the invention of smartphones. Today mobile phones play a major part in our daily life in such a way it has become like a body part of us. When the sun rises, most of us even before rising up from the bed, our hand involuntarily move towards mobile even when there is no call or a message. It has become an unconditioned stimulus to our brain.

The most attractive feature of smartphones is the mobile application which we call as app in short. There are various apps in the genre of entertainment, social media, information, settings, education, etc. These apps allow us to connect to all kinds of information and data making our lives more knowledgeable when we use it in the right way. It also makes us lazy when we take it for granted. These apps have been changing lives for the better but how many of us know that these apps have been evolving and now we have something called as dApps?

What are dApps?

It is called as decentralized application. It is an application similar to normal apps but unlike usual apps these dApps run in a network that is not controlled by any single entity. This states that dApps run on a decentralized network platform thus opening many opportunistic doors for the users to use these apps to fulfill their requirement without any obstruction.

DApps is going to change the world as we know even further making every technology around us to the maximum without any loss of data. In short it is easier to say that dApps will allow users to achieve full potential of the application. However, these dApps started becoming the hot topic after its usage has been along the platform of blockchain development.

For every blockchain developer, dApp is a boon and for all users it is an apple to their eye.

How is dApps different from Apps:

This is where all the feature differences come in and why dApps is going to be the future. Following are two important reasons why you might prefer dApps more than Apps.


There is no central authority or any single entity that controls dApps thus allowing all users/peers to interact with each other and transfer information or data or funds between them without any loss of the same. Since there is no third-party involved, no data is vulnerable thus reducing the changes of getting misused for self or personal purposes.

All users involved will have access to the data for scrutinizing and verifications. No wait time to transact information or data too as for normal apps, the third party will have to grant you access or will have a control over what information you transact with your peers.


In dApps all information or data that are transferred from user to user are visible to everyone and there is data that is hidden or secretive in purpose. In Apps the central authority controlling entity will have access to what information should be visible and what should be hidden. This allows the users to see only a part of the transaction or operation. This transparency feature allows every blockchain development company get attracted towards the potential and opportunities that lie with dApps.

With the differences seen, let us take an example of dApp to understand how it is different from apps even further. Golem is a dApp that runs as an open source application of Ethereum that in turn runs on a blockchain platform.

Golem, what is it:

It is a supercomputer application that is aimed at solving the problems faced by professionals and individuals who require huge amounts of computational load, usually more than one computer system to work with.

Functioning of Golem dApp:

It is a decentralized application of supercomputer platform. It helps a user who is into huge animation work requires a computer hardware or software to handle the graphic load and store data without having to buy a whole new computer system. Golem allows the user to put a request for computer parts or software as per their requirement in the golem platform. Golem in turn puts up this request among lenders who would like to lend their computer parts or software or those parts are sitting idle or for sale.

This information after it reaches the lenders, they verify and validate the user who put up the request and if they see potential in the user, a peer to peer connection is made. This allows the lender to rent their computer system or parts or software to the user at the price fixed. After usage, the payment is made to the lender by the user through blockchain. This way the lender can make money out of their unused or idle system and the user can complete their work without buying a whole new system too.

DApp is an enterprise blockchain solution:

From the functioning of Golem dApp you could see how the control and transparency of data among the users allow them to achieve a win win situation. DApps has numerous opportunities and it is just a matter of time before everything around us become technologically automatic and beyond boundaries. So, why to wait? Start preferring dApps and be a part of the trending community.

DApps are better than apps as they run on a decentralized platform making sure that all users are able to connect with each other and fulfill their requirements. DApps allow users to achieve full potential with features like transparency, no central authority, high levels of security etc. which comes at no extra charge unlike normal apps.

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