Native, Web or Hybrid apps, which is the best for your e-commerce store?

The e-commerce industry is full of competition. It’s like almost every day that a mortar and brick store is trying to make its entry into the online marketplace. The web application and mobile apps make up for this entire virtual market, but businesses are always in a muddle whether to step up their business jig a bit higher and create a mobile app to back up their website.

Reports suggest that all the offline store with an online presence has gained 40% of their sale from their website or app. Since half of a user’s day is spent on mobile, you can be assured that having a web or mobile app will be instrumental in your business’ sales.

Any web app development company these days provides the side benefit of developing a mobile app to give you a complete online package for your store. But, a lower budget and technical in competencies make it difficult for owners to choose the best platform to exhibit their store. Whether to choose a web app or go for native mobile application, your choice will eventually decide your success.

Moving further with the discussion, let us start from the beginning.

Native Apps-

These are the apps that have been developed specifically on a platform using that operating system’s native language. Your chosen mobile app development agency can develop it easily. Like for an iOS – it is built with Swift or Objective-C, for Android- it is Java and for Windows – it is C#. These are made available in the Google Play Store of Android and App Store for iOS applications.

How Native Apps are a better option?

The native apps make entire use of the device specifications such as GPS, camera, notifications, gallery etc. that make their performance all the more great, giving better and unique experience to the user.

Safety and security of your mobile’s personal data are completely assured when you are using native apps since these belong to the owner’s mobile once they get downloaded.
Native apps are much more advanced in speed than the other types. The loading time works much faster in a native app as compared to others.

The updates are made easily within a native app. The synchronization between mobile and the app store helps the user in getting the application updated in no time.

The transactions within a native app are quick and secure, making it easier for the customers to go through their purchases quickly. Your mobile app development agency will assure you of that during final product delivery.

Web Apps-

A user might think a website and web application are synonymous, but that is not the case with your web app development company. They will understand your demands and shape up your ideas accordingly.

So first, you need to understand the major difference between a web app and a website. A website is just a repository of information that the user views when he visits your website. But, a web application provides a medium of interaction for your customers. You may say that web applications are somehow an extension of the websites.

Here is a list of features that makes it popular.

They are internet-enabled apps that could easily run on any mobile’s browser. There are no hang-ups for the user to first download the app and then start using it.

Since the app is created with HTML5, it could be readily opened up on multiple devices whether you are working on your mobile or tablet.

Their easy availability on the internet makes them likeable among users.

But, the drawbacks that make it a second choice for e-commerce businesses are:

The loading time of the web app might be suffering depending on the internet connectivity.
Security is also an issue when you are considering transactions through them as there is no regularized quality control system for them. You have to provide reliable and secured transaction modes for your customers while they are shopping from your site.

Hybrid Apps-

As the name suggests, they are part native and part web application.

You must be wondering how?

This is a kind of app which resides in your Play Store or App Store but their HTML relies on a browser for rendering. Thus, it is basically the entire web application that is wrapped up inside a native app cover. This is like securing a place in Play Store without investing much into app development.

They are popular because the cost of development is pretty low making it easier for the businesses to get them built. Discuss the requirements with your mobile app development agency and start modelling up your app.

The big market wizards are leaving no stone unturned to make its prominence stronger in the world. Native apps, web apps and hybrid apps are the ways to make that happen if you want to target a huge audience. Choose the platform that works in your company’s favour and lead your e-commerce store success.'

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